Eavesdropping on the BCS Pundits

On Monday night, I had a chance to eavesdrop on some BCS pundits.

The first pundit said, “Notre Dame is number 3. They won their game in THREE overtimes.”

The second one said, “NO, OREGON is number 3. They scored a lot of points.  They were smokin’!”

The third one said, “Where did mom hide the Halloween candy?”

Who were these wise pundits giving such important insights about the BCS ranking system?

My seven-year-old “triplets”!   The Lady Bug, The Peacock, and the Aircraft Carrier.

Are you wondering how one of my triplets could suggest that Notre Dame be ranked more highly than the Ducks?  It’s because the Lady Bug is actually not one of my kids.

The Irish-cheering-Lady-Bug is the best friend of both of my twins and comes over every day after school, so she’s like part of the family.  Except of course, when she starts voting for the Irish!

But in defense of the Lady Bug, she is the the off-spring of two generations of Irish Maniacs.  These guys!

(My Duck Maniac snapped the photo during the big Notre Dame interception a few weeks ago.  Apparently he can recognize Maniac behavior in others, but not in himself.)

I’m guessing that any day now, Erin Andrews and Kirk Herbstreit will be calling my house for some advice about their BCS ballots.  I’m sure the mini-maniacs are ready… in fact, they were born ready.


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One Response to Eavesdropping on the BCS Pundits

  1. Jen Beck says:

    Love it! Owen doesn’t quite understand yet. He is trying to transition from baseball season to football still. “No Daddy, I don’t want to watch Cubbies, I want to watch Mickey Mouse”. Sorry Owen, the Cubbies are followed by the Hawkeyes, Packers, and Celtics…then the Cubbies come back again.

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