The perfect birthday gift… from Chip Kelly

I’m sorry we’ve been silent in the blog-o-sphere!  I’ve been busy basking in the glory of my birthday.

How’d I celebrate?  It was a BIG birthday, so it warranted a special trip.  Last week I headed out to visit friends in California with my Maniac husband.  We even got to see CaliforniaDuckWife and her Maniac (more on that in another post)!


It was an awesome trip!
Then I came home just in time to celebrate my actual birthday with my kids and neighbors!   We hung out, we relaxed… and we didn’t watch the DUCKS!!!!!!!

I’m sure you all know that the Ducks had a bye this week.

Well, I love my Ducks, but it was a little slice of heaven to have a Saturday off in the middle of a crazy football season.  What was so different?  I didn’t have to engage in any of my regular Oregon-izing!!  I didn’t have to put the kids to bed early so their tender ears didn’t overhear the Maniac’s game commentary.  I didn’t have to make sure my cute duck shirt was clean.  And, I certainly didn’t have to figure out how much coffee to drink to make it through an entire late-start game when I live in the Midwest.

Wow… what a great birthday.  Thanks for scheduling a bye week Chip!  It was my favorite present!




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2 Responses to The perfect birthday gift… from Chip Kelly

  1. Jeanie Tankersley says:

    Cheers – hope you can stay up to tomorrow’s late start game

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