Hi Auntie….. Hi GO DUCKS

We won’t be at Autzen today for the Black Out against Arizona, so instead, we are hosting Game Day at our house. Some of you may remember from previous posts, that I have some Wildcat family. We can of course count on a lucrative bet, and some good ribbing between family members. However, I’m a little worried about my 2 year old nephew.

This is the little boy that has Wildcat parents, and loves the Ducks. When he was first starting to talk and calling out all of our names, he could easily name me, each of my kids, and then what do you suppose he called his crazy Maniac Uncle? His name was “Go Ducks”. We’d ask, who’s this …. Grandma. Who’s this….. Mommy. Who’s this…… GO DUCKKKKKSS!

Sorry Sis, I think he’s properly brainwashed. You’re Welcome.

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One Response to Hi Auntie….. Hi GO DUCKS

  1. Jill says:

    Oh, if only this weren’t true…but it is! We’ll see what he chooses to wear today when I offer him the choices of his Bear Down shirt or his Go Ducks shirt… I’ll keep you posted!

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