The Ducks and Lil’ Wolf

Lately we’ve been having fun over at Addicted to Quack (ATQ)!  Addicted to Quack is Duck Maniac utopia, with the inside scoop on the players, the coaches and the competition.   I’ve stocked up on enough Duck trivia to impress my Maniac for a month!

While I love ATQ for all Duck Details, what has impressed me most is the new fundraising campaign that was launched earlier this week.   Nope, it’s not so the Ducks could get fancy new uniforms (could they get any fancier!?).   Here’s the reason that they’re seeking donations…in the words of “Matt Daddy” one ATQ’s organizers:

As Duck and sports fans we marvel at what special athletes like De’Anthony Thomas or Ashton Eaton are able to do on the field of play. Unfortunately, not everyone is given those unique physical gifts. In fact there are some that are brought into this world already a lap behind in the corporeal game of life. It doesn’t mean their hearts and strengths of will are any smaller though. Such is the story of our blog’s Lil Wolf. Oseogenesis Imperfecta, or OI, is a debilitating disease that effects the connective tissues of the bones, causing brittleness. Children go through life breaking bones and in tremendous pain from the simplest activities.

To support our Wolf, we are once again holding a fundraiser to donate to the OI Foundation….Funds raised help send families and individuals battling this disease to conferences to learn about treatment and support. They donate for research and to encourage new investigators to begin a career in OI research in the study of preventing and living with OI. Every dollar raised will go directly to the OI Foundation in Wolf’s name.”

We were touched by this little project so we decided to help the cause by chipping in a book to their fundraising auction!  If you’d like to help out these good duck fans… check out all of the auction items on Ebay and place a bid!

  • Four Vintage 13×19 Program Posters from AUCTION 1.AUCTION 2AUCTION 3AUCTION 4.
  • Three Separate Addicted to Quack Shirts from Scudderfan: T-SHIRT 1T-SHIRT 2T-SHIRT 3.
  • Autographed Copy of “The Maniac and Me” by Stacy Denison and Amy Tankersley: HERE
  • $30 Gift Card to the UO Bookstore/Duck Store: HERE
  • Signed Dennis Dixon #2 Jersey Number from axemen23: HERE
  • 2011 BCS National Title Game Media Guide: HERE
  • Daily Emerald Pint Glass and Special Rose Bowl Poster: HERE
  • Framed of Former U of O President Dave Frohmayer and Rich Brooks from 1995 Rose Bowl: HERE

What a nice bunch of Ducks!

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