The (almost) perfect (Duck) wife!

Today, my husband told me that I am the “perfect wife.”  Ahhh… so sweet..

What caused his outburst?  (No, I did not buy him season tickets. He would have been speechless and flat on the floor if I had done that!).  Instead he was reacting to a new dress I just purchased for my upcoming graduation.

Are you thinking, “wow, that must have been some kind of sexy dress!”?

Well…I guess it’s a sexy dress…. if you’re a duck MANIAC!
















A bright green dress = Perfect DUCK wife!   My  DuckHubby even suggested the perfect accessory.  The “jewelry” he gave me for Christmas!

O necklace

Of course, why didn’t I think of wearing Oregon jewelry to my graduation at the University of Iowa?!












You may think that I’m turning into a Maniac too, but I want you — members of the I-Love-A-Maniac-Fan-Support-Group — to know that while buying a cute green dress, I also found my duck-wardrobe-limit.

Here’s my limit.  I could not… will not… did not… buy the ultimate Duck dress:


















Think I’m kidding that this is a Duck dress?  Check out the fabric up close.  Those are green and yellow “O”s! (This had to be designed a U of O alum, right?  Would anyone else think of this design and color combination?):










Unfortunately, I just couldn’t seem to find it in my size : )    I guess I’ll  have to settle for being the almost-perfect-duck-wife.

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2 Responses to The (almost) perfect (Duck) wife!

  1. Jeanie says:

    Good Choice – I’m sure you will look “just ducky” (also very beautiful) for your graduation. Congratulations!

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