Welcome to the Maniac and Me

Love a crazy duck fan?   You’re in the right place.  So do we!
Our blog documents the craziness that the Maniacs have brought into our lives.
We hope you’ll get a chuckle out of the madness.  Take a minute to tell us your stories too!

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One Step At A Time!

4 tickets to the Cal game in the AWESOME Maniac Duck section ….$300

A close-to-the stadium parking spot…. $40

Hotdogs, hot chocolate, kettle corn, and more hot chocolate (dinner of champions!) …… $60

Beating Cal and watching the Ducks move one step closer to Miami ………….. PRICELESS!

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Eavesdropping on the BCS Pundits

On Monday night, I had a chance to eavesdrop on some BCS pundits.

The first pundit said, “Notre Dame is number 3. They won their game in THREE overtimes.”

The second one said, “NO, OREGON is number 3. They scored a lot of points.  They were smokin’!”

The third one said, “Where did mom hide the Halloween candy?”

Who were these wise pundits giving such important insights about the BCS ranking system?

My seven-year-old “triplets”!   The Lady Bug, The Peacock, and the Aircraft Carrier.

Are you wondering how one of my triplets could suggest that Notre Dame be ranked more highly than the Ducks?  It’s because the Lady Bug is actually not one of my kids.

The Irish-cheering-Lady-Bug is the best friend of both of my twins and comes over every day after school, so she’s like part of the family.  Except of course, when she starts voting for the Irish!

But in defense of the Lady Bug, she is the the off-spring of two generations of Irish Maniacs.  These guys!

(My Duck Maniac snapped the photo during the big Notre Dame interception a few weeks ago.  Apparently he can recognize Maniac behavior in others, but not in himself.)

I’m guessing that any day now, Erin Andrews and Kirk Herbstreit will be calling my house for some advice about their BCS ballots.  I’m sure the mini-maniacs are ready… in fact, they were born ready.


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Ducks Fly South for the Winter

This California Duck Family is taking a long weekend to visit Disneyland.  We promised the kids that we would go the new Cars Land when the crowds died down. 

Of course, as soon as we started talking about it, classic MANIAC behavior kicked into high gear. Planning begun, flights were booked, and game tickets were purchased.  Wait…. What?  Game tickets?  Oh yes, of course we are combining our Disney trip with a visit to the Coliseum to watch the Ducks take on USC.  What a nice coincidence!

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50 Shades of Green

How to make a Maniac Fan really really happy?

New green gear.

Of course.

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Welcome to the neighborhood… Devil!

Oregon Flag***Thought you’d enjoy a little instant replay of my post from October 2011!  ****


It was only Monday and the Duck flag was flying high in the yard.  Hmmmm… that usually only happens on Football Saturday.  I wonder what’s up? Here’s how the conversation went…

Me:  Honey, why is the Oregon flag flying today?
Maniac Fan Hubby:   For the new neighbors.
Me:  The new neighbors are Ducks, too?!  Awesome!
Maniac Fan Hubby:  No, no, they’re Sun Devil fans – ASU fans.

Me:  Uhh… so… why are you flying the Oregon flag?
Maniac Fan Hubby:  Just to welcome them to the neighborhood.
Me:  So… your idea of the Welcome-Wagon is to wave your team’s flag for FIVE days before your team plays the new neighbor’s team?
Maniac Fan Hubby:  Uh… yes…
Me:   I better make some brownies.

After 12 years, I can’t believe that this is shocking, but I was taken just a little off guard.  I think my husband’s intentions are actually kind-hearted. A peaceful waving of the flag is his version of the nice way to welcome a rival to the neighborhood.

For my Maniac Fan Husband, the Huskys are the true nemesis.  I hope that there are no University of Washington alums moving into the neighborhood soon!  I can’t imagine the “welcome-wagon” my ManicFan husband would dream up!

Have a great week!  GO DUCKS!

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The perfect birthday gift… from Chip Kelly

I’m sorry we’ve been silent in the blog-o-sphere!  I’ve been busy basking in the glory of my birthday.

How’d I celebrate?  It was a BIG birthday, so it warranted a special trip.  Last week I headed out to visit friends in California with my Maniac husband.  We even got to see CaliforniaDuckWife and her Maniac (more on that in another post)!


It was an awesome trip!
Then I came home just in time to celebrate my actual birthday with my kids and neighbors!   We hung out, we relaxed… and we didn’t watch the DUCKS!!!!!!!

I’m sure you all know that the Ducks had a bye this week.

Well, I love my Ducks, but it was a little slice of heaven to have a Saturday off in the middle of a crazy football season.  What was so different?  I didn’t have to engage in any of my regular Oregon-izing!!  I didn’t have to put the kids to bed early so their tender ears didn’t overhear the Maniac’s game commentary.  I didn’t have to make sure my cute duck shirt was clean.  And, I certainly didn’t have to figure out how much coffee to drink to make it through an entire late-start game when I live in the Midwest.

Wow… what a great birthday.  Thanks for scheduling a bye week Chip!  It was my favorite present!




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Showing Off The Duck Family!

Have you ever seen those window stickers where there is a little stick figure for each member of the family?  I have mixed feelings on these.  First of all, they aren’t for me.  But…. I admit, like to see them on other cars.  Look here… there’s a mom and a dad, a baseball son, a track and field daughter and two cats.  Nice.  Sometimes you see the family stickers that just keep going – there’s 20 people in their family and 10 dogs.  Wow!  Impressive!  

Maybe these are old news, but I just saw my first Duck Family!  (Remember, I don’t live in Oregon).  

Should I cross over and put these on the family car?

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Hi Auntie….. Hi GO DUCKS

We won’t be at Autzen today for the Black Out against Arizona, so instead, we are hosting Game Day at our house. Some of you may remember from previous posts, that I have some Wildcat family. We can of course count on a lucrative bet, and some good ribbing between family members. However, I’m a little worried about my 2 year old nephew.

This is the little boy that has Wildcat parents, and loves the Ducks. When he was first starting to talk and calling out all of our names, he could easily name me, each of my kids, and then what do you suppose he called his crazy Maniac Uncle? His name was “Go Ducks”. We’d ask, who’s this …. Grandma. Who’s this….. Mommy. Who’s this…… GO DUCKKKKKSS!

Sorry Sis, I think he’s properly brainwashed. You’re Welcome.

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“THOSE” Ducks on College Game Day

Anyone catch ESPN College Game Day this morning?  If you live with a Maniac, I am 99.99% confident it was at least on the TV at your house.

The Game Day crew was in Knoxville, Tennessee for the Tennessee vs. Florida Gators game.

In case you were busy, or ignoring it, let me tell you about what stood out to me.

It wasn’t the investigative journalism about HOW (on earth) the Volunteer’s coach came to acquire those super-ugly orange pants, OR that Kenny Chesney made a guest appearance and picked his home team (the Vols) to win today, OR even that I really still miss Erin Andrews.

What ACTUALLY stood out to me, was what I saw in the SEA of ORANGE Volunteer fans.     It was “THOSE” persistent, zealous, fearless DUCK MANIACS in the middle of Rocky Top!  Don’t believe me?   Here’s the proof!  You’ll see the Oregon Maniac’s flag in the first few seconds (after the commercial…sorry!)  just behind Chris Fowler’s head.

WOW!!!! And I thought those Duck Fans were crazy at the Wisconsin game!

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Ducks and Salsa

Just when I think there’s NOTHING else that could possibly be emblazoned with the Duck colors, I come across a new one.

Today’s surprise comes from Courteneay.  Perfect for tailgating, eh?

But really… I just want to know WHO it was that looked at a perfectly tasty bowl of chips and thought, “I’ve got Oregon-ize those CHIPS!”

Oh, wait.  I already know WHO.  Some crazy Duck fan, like my husband!

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